My name is Sammy Cotter and I am 14 years old. From a young age I have always loved gymnastics. I loved football and gymnastics but my sisters who are close to me in age, were all gymnasts and I would watch them and try to copy them. They taught me my first backflip and all sorts of other moves. At 6 My parents saw that I was loving gymnastics,  so they took me to a gymnastics club called Bury Gymnastics. This is where we began to see that it just became natural to me. I represented the club in various competitions all around Britain and I was fortunate that I did pretty well. At the age of 9,  I was selected to be a part of the Great Britain national squad and also the Welsh squad. At the age of 12,  I competed for Great Britain in Germany. A year later Welsh gymnastics selected me to compete at the Austria future cup at Linz. Although I love all the apparatus, I would have to say that the pommel horse is my favourite. Gymnastics is a fantastic sport it keeps me healthy strong and fit. It requires a lot of dedication and patience and at times it can be very frustrating, however the reward of achieving something difficult makes it all very worthwhile.