MegaGrip Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is a popular alternative to traditional magnesium carbonate and offers several benefits. MegaGrip Liquid chalk is quick drying and easy to apply making it a convenient option for enthusiasts across many sports. When dry it adheres to the hands in a thin layer  that lasts longer than traditional chalk products with little residual mess. It can be also used as a base on the skin before applying block or loose magnesium carbonate.

MegaGrip Liquid chalk is available in 250 ml bottles. We can also offer customers their own branded liquid chalk to order, 500ml, 250ml  and 100ml bottle with flip top lid.

(minimum quantities apply). Please contact us for detail

Manufactured in the UK since 1995

    • Magnesium carbonate, alcohol, cellulose thickener, rosin.
    • Suitable for all sports where grip is essential.
    • Recyclable bottle and lid.
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Minimum Quantity 24 bottles

Squeeze a small amount of liquid chalk (about a small coin size) onto your hands and spread gently. Allow a few minutes for the liquid to evaporate naturally and form a  thin layer of chalk on the skin. Re-apply when required. After use wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and we recommend you apply a moisturiser of choice.