About MegaGrip Ltd

MegaGrip Ltd manufacture and supply grip related chalk products and sundry items for the sports market. Originally focused on U.K. rock climbing the business has since diversified to supply goods to a variety of other grip related sports throughout UK and Europe.

We are based in Delph, Saddleworth on the edge of the Peak District and the South Pennines surrounded by beautiful moorland countryside. Founded in 1993 by Nadim Siddiqui, a keen and active climber, the business has since grown to become a leading supplier of the MegaGrip Liquid Chalk he first developed an manufactured in the UK in 1996, and also Block Magic magnesium carbonate & chalk balls.

We aim to offer high quality products at reasonable prices and can also supply own brand labelled products and packaging (limited order quantities apply)

As a family business, we largely rely on the quality of our products and word of mouth rather than a large advertising budget. 

Stories of how MegaGrip Liquid chalk is used

MegaGrip Liquid chalk was originally developed for climbers but has now become popular  with weightlifters, gymnasts, pole dancers and other athletes who require a strong and reliable grip for their sport. Carefully prepared with quality constituents our product is a performance brand not to be confused with some other less rigorously manufactured alternatives.

MegaGrip liquid chalk can form a base and help keep your hands dry. Great for bouldering where the intensity of moves doesn’t allow sufficient time to chalk up and  great on longer climbing routes where the base helps keep the hands dry before ‘chalking up’ on route.

Not specifically marketed as a pole dancing grip aid MegaGrip Liquid chalk is now used by pole dancers all over the world. Pole dancers have told us that the liquid chalk helps their spin on static poles and improves grip when performing lifts and static moves.

A fantastic choice for both hands and feet in regular yoga, hot yoga is where MegaGrip Liquid chalk will really make a difference. With room temperatures above 3O degrees. many yogis have trouble keeping hand and foot grip during yoga sessions because they sweat so much!

Tell Us Your Story

Some more unusual uses of MegaGrip Liquid Chalk have included bell ringing, tug of war and skipping. We are always interested to hear your story and how our products have helped enhance your performance. Please get in touch.