Anti-Shock Trekking Poles

MegaGrip trekking poles in action in Chamonix, The three models available are shown below, click on the hyperlinks to get more details.

Top Pole (blue) Anatomical Angled- Handled Trekking Pole (MTP1)

Middle Pole (green) T- Handled Trekking Pole (model MTP3)

Bottom Pole (black) Standard Handled Trekking Pole (MTP2)

All are super light, but strong.

Carbide steel tips on all three models.

Some advantages of using poles are :-

  • they can reduce knee pain, they share the  load with your legs, especially coming down hill
  • they can increase endurance on longer walks, they spread the load more evenly around your muscles
  • they increase hill climbing efficiency
  • they help crossing soft ground
  • they can aid balance for scree and river crossing

To save you the trouble, here are some prices of other brands (remember ours are just as good as these, but we have lower overheads so can offer better prices.

 Leki Makalu anti-shock trekking poles are between 29.49 and 34.99 each

Komperdell Anti-Shock Pro Series Pole 28.95

Simond Mountain Goat Anti-Shock Walking Pole 30.00

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