A Climbing Revolution Kiss goodbye to chalk?

New product improves grip in all sports and activities


Sweaty hands or feet causing slipping is a major problem in many sports and activities. The answer is by applying a powder called Mighty Grip that stops sweating and increases grip.

The product forms a non-toxic coating on the hands that blocks sweat and improves adhesion without being tacky. Another advantage is that it remains active in wet conditions. One application lasts for ages. It has uses in many sports apart from climbing, for example pole dancing (click below), gymnastics, golf, tennis, rowing, athletics.

Use of the product means less worry about losing grip, enabling you to concentrate on your training or competition. The product does not harm or transfer to equipment, and it does not leave a powdery mess that coats equipment and clothes. Using traditional sweat reduction remedies like hand chalk is an unhealthier option because you can inhale the dust. Also the product is far superior to chalk or rosin, as the product does not need constant reapplication.

Mighty Grip is a new hand chalk replacement product that addresses dust and visual pollution problems caused by overuse of traditional hand chalk (magnesium carbonate) products. All climbers are familiar with the choking, dirty chalk dust problem at climbing and bouldering walls. Everybody has seen the unsightly mess caused by holds becoming caked in chalk on boulders and crags. Even chalk balls cause dust and visual pollution. It helps you climb better by not having to worry about chalking up. How does it work? It is a thermoplastic that works off body heat, use sparingly, a little goes along way.

         Mighty Grip is far superior to chalk or rosin, as it does NOT need constant reapplication. The product needs one tiny application to the hands, and then you put the bottle away.

         It does not come off with sweat. 

         One application lasts for hours! 

         Because you need minimal application, you do not need to pollute the   atmosphere at climbing and bouldering walls by dipping into your chalk bag and creating unnecessary dust.

         Because its characteristics are different (see above) to standard chalk products such as block chalk and chalk balls and loose chalk, the product enables you to climb more efficiently.

         It does not transfer to climbing wall holds or rock.

         Visual pollution of boulders and routes is vastly reduced if you use Mighty Grip. Goodbye to follow the white dots climbing?

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