Children's Climbing Harness 34.00- Full Body Harness- The Mojo

Complete single size  kids harness totally adjustable for climbing. Suitable for children up to approx 9 years old.

Full-body harnesses are designed to keep you safe in a wide range of climbing activities. The harness holds your shoulders as well as your legs, preventing you from slipping out if you rotate upside down during a fall. Since full-body harnesses have a higher tie-in point than seat harnesses, they reduce the chance of flipping over backward in the first place. Full body harnesses are often used in climbing safety courses to ensure the safety of beginners while they are learning to climb."

 'THE MOJO' AT 34.00.

MOJO Details

Full body harness for children

  • Basic features: Full body harness for children
    Construction: 30mm webbing harness with movable padded leg loops
  • Loops: One gear loop
  • Buckles: 4x30mm SB buckles
    Sizes: One size
  • Weight: 450g
Size Height of Torso (cm)  Legs (cm)
Kids 30-55 23-50

For older children and adults see also the Bodyguard full body harness

Please also check out the Gym harness and the padded Newton one size harness

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Other highly adjustable harnesses in our range that you should look at are the Newton  one size climbing harness and Quattro    climbing harness ( two sizes cover all).



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